Yestha Pahlevi

Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

Safti & Maita - Jakarta Traditional Wedding

Some relationship started in unexpected way. When someone get the astonished feeling and everything just happen suddenly. Then before they realize, love come to them just at the right time; the time they never thought it would have. At least that is how Safti & Maita started their relationship at first place. Not long after their first unexpected meeting, Safti and Maita felt something that they never felt before, and slowly led them to this momentous day as they finally unite their souls together as one. After spending some time together trough epic pre-wedding session in Surabaya, Mount Bromo, Malang and ended with Akad Nikah ceremony in Jakarta. We can tell you that Safti and Maita are a kind of couple that was very easy to have fun with. We all know that Bromo isn't an easy place to conquer, but somehow this couple never feel tired nor any single complains during the whole trip. They both really enjoy being accompanied by each other in any condition.


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