Yestha Pahlevi

Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

D & Y - Wedding Short Movie

2016 is a year that full of surprise to us, THEUPPERMOTION team! We started our year by getting the opportunity to capture the traditional Indian wedding at Zanzibar, Africa. It takes more than 17 hours flight, followed-by landline vehicle and finally crossing the sea using fast ferries is being paid-off once we arrived. Our exhaustion soon relieved once when we saw the beautiful exoticism offered by the Stone Town, Zanzibar. As one of the UNESCO world heritage city. This town hold the beautiful blending between African, Indian, Arab, European cultures, mixed with of the warm sunny coast, sandy beaches and ancient architecture of the typical old town. It was refreshing to be in other parts of the world. However, we don't have much time to do all the funs for taking pictures here. Therefore, we have to makes it as quick as possible due to the very limited time, considering the duration of the wedding ceremony that takes 3 full days. But, our worries being tamed once we met D & Y on our first day. Their enthusiasm and hospitality makes us getting more confident on capturing the event which later will enhance the final cutting of this video. We feel so much positives energy surrounded D&Y each time we met them, especially when they come up together. They somehow never feel tired of creating smiles to all the guests and relatives. It distinguished fatigues in this 3 days events of all of us & every guests. We feel a lot of ideas in this exotic places, especially when we heard that they will do the solo dances in the second day, at Sangeet Sandhya procession. We decide to take this part to the story. Moreover, Both D & Y are love and very much enjoy their dances, and luckily they will do some practices a day before. It's a kind of experience that we'll never forget, especially D & Y along with friends and family and all people that being invited to the event. There's so many ways to tell every moment of happiness in this momentous day. However, we have our own a way to telling their story through this video. Congratulatuins to D & Y may you both be more awesome together. Hope you all enjoy the final as much as we do.


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